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Pardons/Record Suspensions

We will prepare all the neccesary forms and work with you every step of the way  to ensure your application recieves a positive outcome.

Having a criminal record can affect many aspects  life, let us help you.

Many employers conduct local and/or federal criminal record searches before hiring. Discovery of your criminal record will negatively affect your chances to get a job.

Before sub-contracting to an individual or to a business, many companies require criminal record searches for all employees and owners.

Career Advancement
Many companies and organizations have started conducting criminal record searches for employees who have applied for promotions. You probably will not get the promotion and may even get fired.

Ability to be Bonded
If it is too expensive for an employer to bond you, because of your criminal record, you will not be hired.

Canadian Immigration
Citizenship and Immigration Canada often rejects applications for refugee status, landed status and citizenship, and frequently deport people who have criminal records.

Custody of Your Children
Your child custody and visitation rights may be reduced or eliminated because of your criminal record.


Volunteer Work
Criminal record searches are required by law for people wishing to be volunteers. Most organizations will not permit you to volunteer if you have a criminal record.

Apartment Rental
Standard rental application forms ask if you have a criminal record. You may find it difficult to find a place to live if you have a criminal record.

Educational Opportunities
Many educational programs require criminal record checks.


For further information regarding Pardons/Record Suspension please contact us at 613-532-1235 or email

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